Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kettle River

We spent the week in Kettle Falls. Grandma joined us our first day, and we found a quiet spot on the river where Gabe could float his boat, Sheba could fetch, and the rest could take a cool dip.
The next day we scouted abandoned logging roads and forests all day for buck habitat, with a stop over in an unexpected huckleberry patch. We picked about a quart of berries while Marshal dreamed of cheesecake.
The third day, we fished on a small lake; I steered the boat at trolling speed. Gabe caught us two 12" rainbow trout for dinner.
The fourth day, Marshal decided he wanted to buy his own alfalfa field overlooking the Lake Roosevelt Valley, and we spent the day touring a farm and visiting with our old friend Dane, the realtor.
On our last day, we drove to Montana and back to hug, hold, and visit with our Montana family. Gabe strode David's property all afternoon with his BB gun and companions, Sheba and Hazi, at his side from the moment we disembarked from the truck until we climbed back in again. He shot the pack rat David flushed from the shed, two squirrels, and a chipmunk. The neighbor had been complaining about the rodent population, and David told him that he had a nephew for the job. Gabe took the job seriously. His legs ached on the way home, but he was pleased with his trophy tails. I got to kiss and cuddle Virgil and watch Sierra cook; we lost track of time and drove back to the cabin late.

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Janelle said...

Wow, what a fun update!! I soaked up your journal of the days in Kettle Falls and your Virgil pictures and the stories of the kisses he received from his auntie! I hope you gave him extra from this auntie! :)
We always feel like a mouse in the corner, hitching a ride into your experiences, when we read your blog. Gorgeous garden produce! Way to go, farming family! Let us know when Marshal purchase that alfalfa field! :)
We love each of you!