Monday, February 6, 2017

Open House TLC Tour

We are official.  Final inspection passed without a hitch.  We opened up the clinic for the community to see during the weekend's Cabin Fever days.  It was a wet snowy day and the plows couldn't keep up or plow all out, but many came to the clinic anyway.  The grange had soup next door, even without power.  Our power didn't flicker and the clinic gave a warm welcome.  Just last week Marshal, Luke, and Bill were finishing this work of their hands, unwrapping it literally from the layers of paper, and unveiling it from under the layers of dust and tools.  We all marveled how beautiful it is!
Reception Window Welcome
Bev, store owner across the street, gave the first housewarming indoor plant.

Main Exam Room
Oak medical cabinet gift is from Marshal's uncle.

Same exam room from opposite perspective.
Second Exam/Surgery with Private Bath/Laundry/Utility

Marshal's Office and Lab behind the Reception Desk

Glimpse of the ADA Compliant Restroom
Mirror came in the mail today.
Nutritional Consult Couch

Cookies for the Welcome
Community members enthusiastically brought wild smoked salmon, more cookies, and cupcakes! I had to open the other leaf of the table and spill the goodies onto the kitchen counter.

Ginger Tea on the Hot Plate
Leaving off with a Cookie Close Up
Lydia, Havilah, and Naphtali baked the cookies to perfection with organic einkorn, butter, sugars, oats and raisins, ginger, almond flavor and poppyseed.

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Dana Klinkner said...

Wow!!! I'm SO excited for you guys! This clinic is gorgeous and well laid out. I can't wait to hear all about it. I'm going to give you a call soon to hear the update. :)