Saturday, April 23, 2016

Gabe's birds keep him busy.

Spotted Towhee in March
Rufous Hummingbird on my Rosemary
Fox Sparrow on the ground feeder...
and in the Forsythia branches.
Steller's Jay looking at you.

Purple Finch

Front yard feeders and bird bath calling the Goldfinches.
Western Bluebird

Evening Grosbeak pair yesterday morning.

 My Bird Boy

Purple Finch
Newly Hatched Chicks - Gabe's own Rhode Island Reds and Easter Egger with four French Black Copper Marans from special deep chocolate hatching eggs. 
Gabe's birdhouses guard the garden with the blooming crabapples, lush rhubarb, and leafing out raspberries.
Thistle seed waiting for the Goldfinches to find in the front yard with the crabapple tree just starting to pop!


pilgrimforjesus724 said...

Dear Harpe Family~
It looks like you have gotten to and adjusted well to your new home!
Love you and praying for you all:-).
In Jesus,

neveralone said...

So enjoyable! I enjoy every picture so much! Gabe, you are having so many birds visit, that must be very fun for you. I was surprised by the western bluebird, I have never seen one, also the grosbeaks are so nice to see and the pretty jay, so different than the ones I have seen before.
The yard is pretty too. I am glad you posted and will visit again to have another look! All blessings to each and every one!
Love from Sue