Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Early March Family Birthdays

Havilah took us all on the Klickitat trail and a picnic for her 15th birthday.  She found a perfect knoll by the river for our lunch.

Boys are exploring on the far right.

Little magenta blossoms growing.

Seated on a mossy rock and looking over the mossy bank and pools.  An sleek black otter popped his head up several times, coming up the bank and decided we were too big a crowd to linger near.

Jed and Great-Grandma

Grass Widow

Columbia Desert Parsley
Gold Star

Marshal took the ADVENTURERS to the opposite bank and followed deer trails, crossed ravines, and scaled bluffs back to the vehicles.

I have to admit, their hike was much more thrilling and stunning in wild beauty than the gravel trail that I stayed on.  I was fretting over them besides, instead of enjoying the scenery from my side of the river.
Grandpa turned 72, surrounded by nearly half of his grands, last week too.

And Lydia and I made lemon curd meringue pie to celebrate.  A nostalgic pie that goes way back for Dad to childhood and his mom's perfected flaky shortening crust, sweet lemon, and fluffy meringue. 

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