Saturday, July 18, 2015

July Birthday Weekend

Someone in our household had a birthday.

A Birthday Dinner

Birthday Table

Friday leave for fishing.

Fished out of the Coupville Ferry terminal.  Caught a small young Chinook that we had to throw back.


Serious Candlelighting.

Happy Birthday Dear Marshal.

Precision Cutting.

Cheesecake request with blueberry sauce.  Lydia made the blueberry sauce.

Yum.  Pecan and date butter crust with Organic Valley Cream Cheese, bit of sour cream and honey and a touch of lemon.

Out fishing, day two.  Lydia has a smile after a rough morning, and we are now really catching fish!

First salmon after some sharks!

4 Pinks to Report!

Happy Man, Happy Day

Headed home out of the San Juans to Anacortes after catching a Ling Cod, a Rockfish, four Pink Salmon, and quite a few sharks!

Best Catch of the Day.  Gabe says the boat is finally worth its purchase.

Summer Dinner!

At the end of the day - almost!

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Slambert said...

loved the recap of Marshal's Birthday!