Monday, January 26, 2015

Overnight on Orcas

Grandpa and Grandma invited us to join them on Orcas for a couple nights this past weekend.  First time on Orcas Island looking out upon our previous weeks' vantage FROM the Salish Sea.  Marshal came on his own, arriving late, after work and leaving early, back to weekend call; but he WAS there for a soggy day of sightseeing from the truck cab while I kept the camera high and dry.
At the prow with Grandpa during the stopover at Shaw on the way to Orcas.

On the Sealth ferry with Grandma.

Headed back out of Shaw pier.

Grandpa found a resident islander that gave us a tip on where to buy the best oysters on Orcas.
Tirza came too!  On a hike with the dogs just prior to dusk.

Looking out from the beach trail in Obstruction Pass Park.

From the Condo window on a misty Saturday morning.

A game of Uno with Grandma.  "Gabe, you aren't taking your cards!"  "You keep giving me mean cards, Lydia."  Sigh.

Deer Harbor, Orcas Is.

Looking straight back at our updated WorldMark accommodations from the pier.  Nice!

We walked the piers, taking note of the names of the boats: yachts, fishing boats, sailboats... imagining how it might be to live on one....
Jenny B

Singing Hallelujah...

...sat opposite CRABBY!



Old Wood Boat

FOGGY DEW was apropos this weekend.

Lone Bird

Sign reminded me of an old connection to the San Juans, old family footage of an era gone.

One cute lady!

Beach Play


"Boat People..."

"...Being Bombed"

Enjoying capturing my girl in braids...

...although she purports to be camera shy.

There I am... selfie.

It's a wrap... and headed home.

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