Saturday, July 5, 2014

Naphtali's Tea Party

My sis gave her daughter Naphtali a dreamy tea party for her 8th birthday.  The 4th generation farmhouse that they just inherited is the backdrop.
Making tea as the girls arrive with their dolls.

Every girl has their rag doll from a local woman friend name Doris who has generously made dolls for so many little girls in the community.  Lydia was lucky to be counted in the number.  Lydia's Violet is her favorite doll and has gotten to travel with us for the occasion.  Here the girls are choosing their special tea cup.

Beautiful 8 year old, Naphtali, has chosen her tea cup.
Meg getting ready to serve.

Jemma had her own tea in the kitchen.

And so did Hadassah, giving a Gerber baby pose.
Birthday Girl

The dolls at the party.

Big Sister, Havilah, serves in the dining room.

Mother and Daughters
Hadassah enamored with the dolls.

Girls and Dolls in the Window Seat

Girls love tea parties.
Playing games in the kitchen.

Naphtali writing down her answers for the "Guess the Tea" game.  Lydia guessed them all, since one was Dandelion Root, her favorite.

Sewing up a lavender scented sachet.
Naphtali in her paper white apron from Aunt Janelle, such an old-fashioned beauty.

Stitching Party with Abijah looking on.

Camera shy Havilah caught taking a break with a chocolate covered strawberry.
Littlest sister getting in on the present opening action.

Lydia showing off her loose teeth, molars.


Beautiful mother with her feet up for a moment and sleeping babe.

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Slambert said...

Aw, I poured over every lovely girly-beautiful photo! Thank you SO much, sister Shanea, for this stunning recap of the birthday tea. The only thing missing was a photo of beautiful YOU! I hope someone captured one! Thank you again!!!