Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little Birds

My Nest Contains a Little Bird Lydi-Lu.

Little Bird Gabe growing up fast, but thankfully not a fledgling yet!

Luxury of not having a cat....  We watched a family of Robin Redbreast feather the nest, hatch the eggs, and currently raise their fledglings on the ground.
Mother or Father Redbreast
Fledgling One
Gabriel found all three fledglings today!  They left the nest on Wednesday and have endured heavy rains, cool nights, and predators so far!
Fledgling Two
Fledgling Three
Gabe keeps the Finches happy too.
Gabe's homemade feeder design is a big hit with the birds.  It is only empty during the moments of threat.
Larger fowl flies in to scatter the finches.

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