Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Family Christmas

Virgil taking a winter's Christmas Eve nap and oldest granddaughter, Havilah.

Luke with niece Adamma

Luke and Kim

Mother-Daughter Snapshot

Christmas Eve Banqueting Tables

Cousin Table

Pajama Opening on Christmas Eve!  Eldest Grandson, Jed.


Look Mom!

Adamma in a Puff of Plaid

Abijah in his new PJs

David's Virgil in Montana Moose PJs

Luke and Kim's Leroy, 10 months, in his PJs

Adamma!  Can't get any cuter!

Jemma in her new handmade cotton flannel gown.

Beautiful Havilah

Three Sisters


Grandpa Jim-Dad and Jemma

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Wee Ones with Grandpa

Youngest Hadassah with Daddy Jesse


Seth and Boys Headed to Bed

Meg and Jesse's in their New Flannel.  Meg was a busy seamstress!

Meg with her Girls!

Janelle and her Boys Christmas Morning!

Naphtali with her Christmas Morning Candy Cane.

Gabe with Dad in Hand.

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Grace said...

What a beautiful and big family! Truly a blessing! I love the new PJ's on Christmas Eve tradition.