Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grandma's Birthday

We were blessed to have Grandma here to celebrate her birthday!  Gabe and Lydia made sure that she didn't miss out on any of the traditions.  She even received her quota of family birthday spankings, love pats, throughout the day, in lieu of absent Grandpa and Marshal down for the count.  Lydia made oven pancake for breakfast and put together the cake.  She and Gabe took Grandma to all their favorite places, park, beach, pet store....
Evening party after a yummy roast chicken, soup, and cheesy broccoli dinner.

Lydia made the cake!  Delicious with frozen berries.

They go well together.

Light the candles for each decade.

Present opening - Grandma's ready for spring pruning.

Home-made cards with clues of what is to come.

Can you guess what Gabe's doing during the Happy Birthday song?

His own tradition:  Punctuating cap fire.

Happy Grandma.

New surprise from the dollar store.

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