Monday, December 17, 2012

Nutcracker Weekend

This was Lydia's first Nutcracker with the Ballet Slipper.  Miss Diane selects her students for the parts each year, and Lydia was thrilled to be a boy in the First Act and a mouse in the beginning of Clara's dream.  Dad bought his ballerina a Christmas poinsettia and enjoyed watching the final performance.

Special friends in the audience brings added delight to a dancer's heart.  Grammy, Aunt Meg, and cousins Havah and Naphtali came opening night too!

Thanks to Sue, a family portrait.

Nice to have a photo with my hubby,  We don't look too bad after a rather stressful day.

A traumatic slip of the knife, Dad cut Gabe's finger and then put it back together again.  Slaughtering our unruly two year old ram for meat, five stitches at the hospital was not in the plan!

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