Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Games for Youth

At the end of August, just before Labor Day and start of school, Gabe and Lydia had the opportunity to participate in a first annual organized track and field event for kids, put on by the running club in the community.  Neither Gabe or Lydia had ever been on a track, let alone had any track or field experience.  We thought this would be a fun initiation.  I told them to not be concerned with winning, as this would be a learning experience versus competitive experience.  Marshal told them otherwise.  All the fun is in winning of course.  Marshal gave them some tips in throwing the javelin with one of Gabe's paper rockets in the bedroom before the lights went out the night before.  That proved beneficial.  Lydia was the first to start off the event.
Safety Javelin - Just like a rocket.

First ever Long Jump

Gabe and Lydia both like to run!  I wonder where they got those genes?  Look at the joy on Lydia's face in this next set!  It reminded me of Eric Liddell, as portrayed in Chariots of Fire.

I bought her new Nike's at the Exchange the day before.  She said they made her feel like she was flying.  Nike didn't name themselves "winged victory" for nothing.  As you see in the above photos, I couldn't catch her soles on the ground!
Lydia is running the 400 meter dash, one lap around the track.

Catching up with the big boys.

And she is off on her own.

Widening the gap.

400 meter victory at the finish line.
Snack Break before the 800 meter dash and mile run.  My little runners.

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Wow! This looks like lots of fun!