Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Look who had a birthday - again!

Marshal's favorite dinner, tortilla soup.

Swedish Gravlax, GAPS recipe, with the fresh caught salmon.

It is very good.  Marshal was transported to an Okinawan sushi bar and was missing the wasabi.

Lydia gets to light the candles.

Gabe has a Happy Birthday song tradition of punctuating each phrase with his loaded cap gun.

What's inside this triple wrapped mystery present from Gabe?

A handmade duck tape billfold complete with junk mail fake credit cards and $1 bill!


Janelle said...

Loved the birthday photos! You really have a way of capturing the moment, and expressions! I love Marshal's face as he's opening Gabe's gift - and Gabe's delight in capgun punctuation and seeing his father open his gift. Priceless!! And those Chinook are AMAZING! Way to go, Marshal and Gabe!!!

Kristen A said...

I like Gabe's intent stare watching his dad open the gift :) Did you have GAPSish cheesecake?