Monday, December 5, 2011

December Upon Us

Thanksgiving leftovers were better the second time around.  They always are!

Gabe put up the Christmas lights on the rail by December 1st.

On Saturday, Marshal climbed the ladder to hang snowflake and icicle lights, and I hung the wreath on the door.

Christian fellowship ladies made wreaths together on Saturday.  Lydia helped me, and we are delighted to show it off on our door.  The wreath making was such a great opportunity,  It was my first hand made wreath, and I was so pleased.  My success was due to the wonderful selection of fresh cut greens and ornaments provided to work with.  I also had some good table mates that gave me some tips.

This poinsettia is the deepest red that I've ever found.  Camera failed to capture it no matter how hard I tried, even close up.

I puttied nail holes this last week, all the trim.  I gave up on plastering touch ups, and put out my china on the hutch finally.  It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Everyday we add something new to the Christmas celebration season.  We picked out a little tree on Sunday and lit it up.  This tree was such a bonus; we received a military discount, and the proceeds from the sale went to displaced orphans.

Lydia enjoying the tree.  She and Gabe filled it full of ornaments today.  More photos to come.

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