Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Before Noon

Before Noon

Finishing up a batch of GAPS pancakes, composed of blended almonds and pumpkin seeds, eggs, and winter squash.
Gobbled up brunch with leftover beef stew and cooked cabbage along with the pancakes.  Lydia started out with some chicken broth and sauerkraut juice.
Pleased with the success of my raw sour cream with a yogurt culture.
Gabe very excited about tending his grub farm.  These monsters hitchhiked with a load of logs from Grandpa.

Gabe counting the return of the swans.  He counted 21.
Lydia in Gabe's footsteps, took her turn with the binoculars.
Lydia doing what she likes best, starting a new book.
I finally finished a good read, The Daughter's Walk by Jane Kirkpatrick, this morning, before the kids woke.

Marshal was pleased that the county brought in dirt, smoothed, and seeded our front bank.  Nice work!  Looks like they are putting in a guard rail today.
Primroses in November bloom on the front step.  Gabe set rat traps with peanut butter this morning along with the usual chores.

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