Monday, July 25, 2011

Catching Up Around the Yard

Garden is growing! Gabe asks me, "Is it doing good, Mom?" We'll see if it bears fruit! We are happy to see blossoms on the bush peas. We've eaten salad, radishes, young turnips, onion, and beet tops. I pulled my turnips that were quite wormy, root maggots, and gave the last to the chickens yesterday. Turned some wood ashes into nearby soil for another planting. We'll see if it helps.

Yum? Thawing liver, heirloom beets pulled from the garden, bacon, and sour milk/honey/oatmeal/whole wheat cookies. We did have quite a delicious dinner of tender liver, bacon, and onions with amazing sautéed market rainbow chard. It eradicated Gabe's headache, as he ate with gusto. He declared the cookies good enough to eat too, although they reminded him of muffins.

Magnificent Tree!

My archers! Early season for hunting bucks is on the horizon. Better practice the draw and straight arrow sharp shooting.

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