Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anniversary and Miscellaneous

Marshal and I woke up on Friday to our eleventh anniversary. Marshal finished off his week of leave at home. It has been a sweet time, beautiful days at the end of the week. I took a photo of our anniversary morning scene. I joined Marshal and his cup of coffee at the corner table with tea of my own and gathered binoculars and bird books as we identified a large Osprey fly into the pasture below.
We had a relaxed morning together and signed our sellers' closing papers on our Port Orchard house with a trip to the Notary and UPS! Marshal took us as a family to lunch in a little spot in Anacortes that we always wanted to try. We drove in the sunshine and shopped a bit while out and about. In the afternoon, Marshal changed the oil filter of his boat with utmost satisfaction, and I potted some tomatoes and worked with pots and herbs around the door step. It was a day of many notes, a sweet and steady melody, that sums up the song of our life right now together.
Saturday morning, I thought how sweet for Marshal to put chairs for the two of us in the morning sun on the porch. He confessed that they'd been there for him and Tigey, the cat, who refused to sit anywhere but his lap while he was grillin' and chillin' the night before. The cat won the lap over the chair, with the compromise to stay off Marshal's head and shoulders. Makes me laugh that Marshal thought he could pull up a chair for the cat. Laps are so much nicer. Marshal enjoyed bonding with the cat too. We almost lost the cat on our trip, as he got locked in the tool shed at the last moment before our departure. Our friends that came to check on the chickens and Tigey found him by day two and cut a hole in the door to get him out. It saved his life. Marshal said just yesterday, "I'm so glad Tigey didn't die." That means a lot, even when the cat pooped on his boots and saturated the tool shed with urine. Marshal realized that he thinks like a cat, because while we were still away from home and found out about Tigey, Marshal said that Tigey surely pooped on his boots and slept in the baseball mitt. Tigey did both indeed!
My lilacs are fading fast, but still giving off deep perfume. We were gone during their peak, but I had to bring the last almost spent blooms into the house.

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