Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Backsplash and Eggshell

Mom and I read in a poultry magazine about drying and pulverizing eggshells in the blender for the garden soil. Our hens have stepped up in production. They all laid an egg today, seven. Yahoo! Last week, Gabe found a self made nest (chicken made, that is) on the top straw bale in the hen house, sixteen eggs - the mother lode! That was a surprise and a relief to know our hens were laying well after all! We had no idea how long they had been laying up there! All the eggs were still fresh for good eating. We learned how to water test them - sink or float, and I double tested them before use by breaking them individually on a plate for appearance and smell. They must have not been more than a couple weeks worth of laying, and outside has been a cold storage zone. No, not yet feeling springtime warmth, but there is spring green on the willow!
Pretty pastels. The shells are strong. Gabe says the chickens are eating the oyster shell. I'm counting on the recycled precious minerals for the soil and ultimately for fresh garden herbs and vegetables!
Filled the blender twice.
About a cup and a half of powder to add to my jar.

Note in all above photos that I am also showing off my new back splash! Cousins Steve and Gary and Marshal measured and cut, nailed and glued, Saturday before last. The pre-primed mdf bead board does not yet have the final coat, but is new and fresh, relative perfection. When I stood at the sink, doing the dishes, everything felt new and fresh!

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