Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pastoral and a Cascade Peak

We now own a patch of land on Whidbey Island. The setting is pastoral. Gabe, Lydia, and Sheba have room to run and roll in the lawn daisies and dandelions. Friends of the family came to visit us, and I heard the word "bucolic" several times. I looked it up, "From the Latin word, bucolicus, cowherd: of or relating to herdsmen: PASTORAL: relating to rural life." Yes, that fits! We have the neighboring herd of black angus grazing in our sweeping view of the wetlands inland of the bay. The cows and calves were herded up this week for different pasture while we were there.
The neighboring farm, so tidy and serene. We could be on Prince Edward Island, for you Anne of Green Gables fans.

Mountains! Mountains have been part of the fabric of our lives. Mt St Helens, Mt Adams, Mt Hood, Mt Rainier, the Olympics, and now we make our home with the sunrise behind Mt Baker and the evening glow over its white flanks.

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