Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Big 4-0

It is a wonderful life. Marshal surprised me, really surprised me. Everyone should have at least one good surprise like that in life. He sneaked in the drive with his lights off, while talking to me over the phone, and rang the doorbell last night. The kids, dogs, and I were all surprised and a little fearful at who would ring the door bell at that late hour of day. Turning on the lights, what a surprise to see Marshal on the other side of the glass with pink, red-centered roses in hand to celebrate my 40th! I thought he was in Portland! I thought we had agreed to skip the birthdays this year since we'd be apart for both his and mine. Apparently not, and he was pretty pleased with himself for pulling off such a complete surprise. It was the best present I could have asked for. We started the day today, still in bed at 9am with the kids piled in with us. Lydia had me unwrap her gift of a girl in white dress with rose bouquet statuette from the dollar store and her hand drawn card of herself, jumping for joy with Mommy. The three decided to start their goal of giving me 40 kisses before the day was out. Sheba began her whine to let us know that she was missing out, and it was time to take the dogs out. We had banana nut pancakes and eggs for breakfast. The day was the warmest, most golden spring day yet. Lydia made chocolate cupcakes with my help. I sat on the porch with my eyes closed and soaked in the sun rays for some minutes in the afternoon.... I heard from each member of my family by email, card, phone, and skype! Thank you all for a wonderful birthday! I love you!

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